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Remington Nelson was a charismatic billionaire, but his temperament was gloomy and tyrannical. Remington, who had been sexually abstinent, accidentally married Cecelia Linsey, and he found

himself irresistibly drawn to her.

During the day, Remington was cool and irritable, but at night, he held Cecelia tightly in his arms, pressing her into a corner and kissing her passionately, as if he wanted to merge her into his body.

"Cecelia, say you love me," he implored.

"Cecelia, I want you. How about just being my woman for the rest of your life? "he pleaded. Remington had been supercilious previously, but Cecelia became Remington's whole world

Chapter 1 She Came Back Five Years Later

On a cold night, in a quiet and luxurious hotel where one could have a view of the ocean.

Cecelia clenched the bed sheet tightly with a black patch over her eyes, feeling nervous and uneasy.

Suddenly, the bed sagged next to her, and someone leaned over.

Feeling that he was reaching out to her, Cecelia

grabbed him by the wrist in a hurry.

"Don't look at my face!"

The man asked in a melodious and husky voice, "Don't you want to know who you're going to lose your virginity to?"

Cecelia felt a lump in her throat, and tears streamed down her cheeks. She shook her head and said, "You are my benefactor, no matter who you are. Thank you!"

She couldn't let others know who she was.
If word got out that the young lady of the Linsey family became so down and out that she had to sell her body for 30 thousand dollars, she would undoubtedly be laughed at.

Cecelia felt helpless and sad because she was going to spend her most precious night with a stranger.

But she had no choice. She needed money to save her mother, who was waiting for her in the hospital.

She wouldn't have to do this if her father weren't that ruthless and her boyfriend hadn't cheated her out of her shares or evicted her.

A faint, alluring smell hit the man's nostrils.

The girl was clean and smelled good.

The man asked again, "Could you give birth to a baby for me if I give you two million dollars?"

If Cecelia could get two million dollars, her mother would be saved.

"Yes, I can."

"Good girl!" The man bent over with a charming smile.

Eight months later, Cecelia was awakened by a strong smell of smoke.

When she opened her eyes, she found that the sky was reddened with fire. The long flames crashed through the window and burned the curtains.

Her house was on fire.

Realizing that she was in danger, Cecelia struggled to get up and rushed out of the room with her hands on her large belly.

The fire roared and flared and sent smoke billowing in the living room on the first floor. Cecelia tried hard to advance forward while covering her mouth and nose.

What was worse, she couldn't escape because all the windows and doors of the villa were sealed. It took her great effort to find the landline, but the wire had been cut.

A familiar voice came from outside. "When her mother dies, my mother will marry into the Linsey family.Cecelia may not be aware that I'm also her father's


biological daughter until she dies." "My cousin Ophelia is my father's daughter?" thought


"Those are all yours. I have all her shares. She has nothing left now."

"Is that Sean's voice? He cheated me out of my shares and even colluded with Ophelia?" wondered Cecelia.

"Pour more gasoline to make the fire stronger. Burn her and the bastard in her womb to ashes!"

"Only when she is dead can we rest assured."

"They are really Sean and Ophelia. Do they want to kill me?" thought Cecelia.

The hasty footsteps vanished in the end, leaving only the increasingly raging fire and pungent smoke.

The fire scorched Cecelia, and a sense of fear overwhelmed her.
She thought to herself, "No, I can't die. My mother is still waiting for me in the hospital."

Cecelia broke the window glass and shouted for help.

"Help! My house is on fire. Help!"

A long time later, Cecelia lay on the ground, finding it difficult to breathe.

At this critical moment, the door of the villa burst open. and an old figure rushed into the fire. "Miss Cece! Miss Cece!"

"Martin, I'm here." Cecelia, who had fallen into despair, was moved to tears when she heard the butler's voice.

Martin kicked away the burning furniture and, regardless of the danger, he went to the almost suffocated Cecelia. "Come with me, Miss Cece! Hurry up!"

With the help of Martin, Cecelia walked towards the door with her hands on her belly. Just when she was about to get out of the villa, a beam fell on her.

Seeing this, Martin pushed Cecelia out of the villa. As it turned out, the beam fell and pressed down on him.
When Cecelia turned around after getting to her feet, she found that Martin was on fire under the beam.

Tears welled up in Cecelia's eyes. "Martin! Martin!"

"Run, Miss Cece! Hurry up! Go far away, and never come back!"


Cecelia's eyes turned bloodshot. The massive fire engulfed everything in its burning blaze.

Half a month later, in the president's office on the 59th floor of the Nelson group.

When Remington was busy with his work, his assistant Fredric rushed in and reported, "Mr. Nelson, one of our men found a newborn baby at the gate of Midhill Villa."


Nobody else but that girl knew the address of Midhill Villa. Realizing something, Remington sprang to his feet and asked, "Where is the baby now?"

"The child is very weak and ill, and he's been sent to the hospital."

"Go to the hospital!" said Remington.

In the hospital, Remington saw a boy who looked lovely and little with pink skin in an incubator. Remington's heart melted when he looked at the boy's little face.

Although the baby was still little, he bore a passing resemblance to Remington. Remington was certain that the boy was his son.

He had asked a woman named Lilian to give birth to a baby for him by spending two million dollars. She kept her promise.

Thinking of this, Remington immediately ordered Fredric, "Go and find out where the child's mother is now. Pick her up and take her here!"


Fredric went to look for Lilian with his men. Three days later, he came back and reported. "Mr. Nelson, we've searched all over the Center City, but we haven't found a girl named Lilian. We've even checked all the gynecology and obstetrics of all the hospitals, but we still couldn't find the woman you mentioned."

"Go and look for her! We must find her."

A frown for an instant darkened Remington's brow. He wondered, "Where has that woman gone after giving birth?"

Five years later.

A black luxury Bentley pulled over at the entrance of the LC Group. The car door opened, and a tall woman got out of the car.

Cecelia wore a set of black clothes of Givenchy with a pair of large sunglasses on her cold face, appearing decent and hot.

In the past five years, she had gotten over the pain and grief back then and become calm and composed.

It had been five years, and she was finally back.

Her two sons followed her out of the car. Both of the two children were very handsome. The one with a cold expression in a British-style suit was Maximus, and the one with a sunny smile in a colorful hoodie was Cyrus.

When Cecelia walked into the building, the two children quickly caught up with her.

"Mommy, wait for us!"

Those who met them all couldn't help but look back at them. "That woman is so cool. She even has two extremely handsome sons."

"Are they the new models of our LC Group?"

In the eyes of outsiders, Cecelia was a supermodel who came to work with her children.

They took the elevator to the top floor. Cecelia came to the president's office. The CEO, Upton, had been waiting for them for a long time. When he saw them come in, he smiled and welcomed them. "Boss, you are finally back."

"Thank you for your hard work, Upton!"

After greeting Upton, Cecelia sat down at her desk and began to deal with business.

It was not known she was the president of the LC Group, and Upton was just one of her subordinates who helped her manage the LC Group.

"Upton, I miss you so much." Cyrus threw himself into Upton's arms happily.

"Hey, Cyrus. I haven't seen you for three months. I miss you so much."

Upton spun with Cyrus in his arms and then looked at the cold Maximus. "Come here, Max. Let me give you a hug!"

"You are so childish." Max crossed his arms over his chest as if he disliked being hugged or kissed.

"What the hell? Are you looking down upon me?"

Upton didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. He wondered, "The two kids look exactly the same, but why are their personalities so different from each other?"

Upton asked someone to take the two children out for fun, and then he reported the situation in the Center City to Cecelia.

"Now the Done Group has been taken over by the Linseys. Your father, Gary, is the chairman, and Sean is the CEO. The other shares are owned by a lot of shareholders."

"Keep an eye on them. Buy them as long as they sell their shares."

Back then, Cecelia had been deceived and lost her grandfather's Done Group. Now, she was just back to get the Done Group back.

"Yes, we held a big funeral for him. He was buried in the Cemetery of the Center City." Cecelia nodded and asked, "How is the Linsey family


"Recently, Ophelia was chosen to marry Remington by the Nelsons to bring blessing to the dying Remington. It seems that she's going to tie the knot with Remington today."

Cecelia nodded and asked, "How's the investigation going?"

"I just want to tell you about it. I have found out where your eldest son is," responded Upton.

"Go ahead!"

Cecelia couldn't wait to know where her eldest child


Chapter 2 She's Not Someone You Can Offend... ...................

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