Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (2024)

So far in Dragonflight Endgame we've covered raiding, Mythic+ dungeons, and getting geared. That said, there's plenty of people who don't and will never interact with any of the "true" endgame content. Secrets, legacy content, transmogs, and more all await players looking to delve into the hidden layers of Azeroth and a game that's been around for almost two decades.

And, if we're being honest: Sometimes I want a break from the endgame grind. I'm not always feeling the fight to get a raid spot or waiting 40 minutes for a Mythic group. On occasion, I just want to go stomp Mythic Hellfire Peninsula and reap the rewards.

For this final installment of Dragonflight Endgame we'll be taking a loot at the secrets, events, legacy content, and more that's available. A game that's b een around as long as WoW is bound to have some treasures hidden and it's high time you go out and find them!

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (1)

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Dragonflight secrets abound

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (14)

Every World of Warcraft expansion comes with its own set of secrets, hidden events, and fun things. With so many items, events, and weird stuff hidden throughout the game you wouldn't be alone in missing a thing or two.

Esports.gg has already gone over some of Dragonflight's biggest secrets, which we'll link down below.

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Not enough? There's so much more hidden content in WoW, not even counting Dragonflight secrets. Let's go over a few fun mysteries to get you started on your journey.

Jenafur is a good girl

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (24)

Added in Battle for Azeroth, the secret battle pet Jenafur requires the player to traipse around the Eastern Kingdoms. This cat-based tour will end with some puzzle-solving in the Legion-version of Karazhan, but is well worth it for this sweet cat pet.

Step one: Head to Ashenvale

This quest starts in Ashenvale, where you'll talk to Night Elf Amara Lunastar at 17.4 49.3. She's hoping that someone will look after her cat now that she's gone. That's literally it. Sorry to waste your Hearthstone cooldown, but now you need to head over to Elwynn Forest. Apologies to Horde players ahead of time.

Step two: The Crazy Cat Lady (optional)

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (25)

The empty dish players must find in Elwynn.

The next move is to find Donni Anthania, the Crazy Cat Lady, at 44.2 53.1 in Elwynn. Interact with the empty cat dish found in the house, pictured above. If you don't see it then you didn't interact with the NPC at Ashenvale.

Now, the easy part is over. Head down to Deadwind Pass and the Return to Karazhan dungeon. The entrance is in the upper ramparts. Have no fear about getting hurt if you're max level, as it's quite soloable.

Funny enough, this entire part is optional. However, if you've never been to the CCL's house this as good a time as ever.

Part three: Return to Karazhan

This is where things get tricky. Due to talking to Amara various food items now spawn in Karazhan. This includes two sets of kibble on the floor of the Opera Hall, and 79 different food items on tables around the dungeon. The goal here is to grab the correct food and lay them on the correct tiles in the Opera Hall seating area in front of the stage. You'll also need to clear the Opera event boss before proceeding.

Yes, this is silly.

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (26)

The most difficult part of this secret is locating all the food, which can be found at the map above. That same map has an interactive version found here. The list of food needed to solve the puzzle includes:

  • Juicy Drumstick x2
  • Marbled Steak x2
  • Fishy Bits x2
  • 1 Meaty Morsel
  • 1 Slathered Rib

Gather these items then head to the Opera Hall and lay them on the tiles as seen below. Keep in mind: The food will only stay in your inventory for 5 minutes, so be quick about it. The best path for finding all the food needed is to start in Morose's room, then head up to Maiden's area. Don't worry if you're not fast enough. Once the food despawns it will go back to its original starting spot.

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (27)

This layout is with your back to the stage.

Lay the food down in the correct spots should cause the music to change and the cat to appear! Click on the cat and you're done. And if you're curious where this came from, know that much like the Ashes of Al'ar, it's another Make-A-Wish moment:

Amara Strande is the Make a Wish kid behind the Jenafur Secret. In Fall 2017, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare and incurable form of Liver Cancer called Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Near the end of the hunt for Jenafur, she decided to use her Make a Wish as a force for good, starting theJenafur Fund for Fibro Liver Cancer Research.

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (28)

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Secrets: Lobstmourne arises

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (37)

Ever yearned to have big, meaty claws? Well, this hidden weapon transmog called Lobstmourne may be up your alley. Butter not included. Sure, this non-Dragonflight secret has existed for a few expansions but who could pass up some a tasty, tantalizing transmog? To grab this weapon you'll need to collect shells from six different types of Makrura enemies on Pandaria. This includes:

Once you obtain all six shells you can combine them into one item, the Clamshell band. After this, head over to /way Krasarang Wilds 12.6 82 and the Clawlord Kril'mandar. Kill, dip in butter, collect your prize.

Mmm. Delicious.

The Dragonflight secrets to gold making

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (38)

So, what is the secret to Dragonflight gold hoarding? If we're being honest, there really isn't. The true secret was "take over the Auction House market the first month of the game and abuse people willing to pay thousands of gold for basic materials." Those days are gone, but it doesn't mean you still can't reap some rewards from professions.

Collected materials will always sell, though this is heavily dependent on your server. My homebase of Azgalor is looking at a market flooded for ore and cloth. However, herbs and Rousing elements still do well, especially Awakened Order.

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (39)

If you happened to power level your profession then there's still a market for selling high-end purples. This is especially true for Jewelcrafters, as the Lariat necklaces are very hot at the moment. That said, be sure to set your rules for tip amounts when crafting these epics. Your time and energy is worth the money, so don't lowball yourself and take any ole tip amount. RESPECT YOURSELF.

On world quests

Another gold-making note is a reminder to do each of the community events and epic world group quests each week. All net massive amounts of gold in various forms, and while you won't get rich off doing these once or twice it does provide a nice stimulus to your bank.

Know when to sell

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (40)


Back at the start of Dragonflight I stumbled across the greatest gold-making secret: Getting incredibly lucky! During my fishing dailies I had fished up a Darkmoon Card Booster Pack, which in turn gave me a Darkmoon Ace. For anyone not in the know, the Darkmoon cards--when a full set is collected--turns into some of the best-in-slot trinkets in the game at the moment. I proceeded to scrape together the other cards and created the Darkmoon Watcher.

Now, could I have used that Trinket on one of my characters? Sure. However, there was greater gains to be made across the board by selling that thing on the Auction House, as seen above. Sometimes you need to know when something isn't worth holding onto.

This was one of those times.

If you come across something rare and valuable, do some internal discussion. Is the item so rare and cool that it will bring you joy, or would you rather finally get 310 percent flying mount speed on all your toons?

The choice is yours.

Legacy content and you

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (41)

My absolute favorite thing to do in World of Warcraft is solo old raids. Not only is it cool to see these big, impressive setpieces but it's fun to stomp them into the ground. So, the first thing I typically do upon hitting max level in a new expansion is go back and see what is now soloable.

And whether you're out for transmogs, rare items, or gold, running old raid content is a great way to do all of the above. If you're at level 70 and somewhere around a 360 ilvl you should be able to easily solo everything up to Mythic Legion raids.

if you're higher than that then consider taking a stab at normal Battle for Azeroth content. On my 387 Hunter I've been able to solo most of normal Uldir, Eternal Palace, and Dazal'alor. A few fights such as Opulence will stymie you due to mechanics. If that happens, it might be time to grab a friend and see how far you can go.

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (42)

image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Even if transmogs and old tier gear isn't your thing then consider the gold. Full clears of places such as Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar and Nighthold still offer great gold value for vendoring epic gear.

If you're looking for the easier legacy raid content to clear then you'll want to focus on Mythic Legion raids. At this point even Antorus, The Burning Throne is very soloable and still offers mounts and rewards.

Dragonflight secrets await

We hope that the Dragonflight Endgame series shows that there are many ways to play. Endgame content doesn't need to just mean raiding. And given that Dragonflight is the most alt-friendly expansion to date, it's even easier to get multiple toons to the magic, max number.

So, get out there, raise that Mythic score, get some fat loot, and we'll see you out on the Dragon Isles!

Keep up to date with Esports.gg for more World of Warcraft news and notes.

Dragonflight Endgame Pt. Four: Secrets, making gold, and more (2024)


What is the best class to farm gold in Dragonflight? ›

Overall, the Druid class is an excellent choice for players looking to maximize their gold farming efforts in Dragonflight. While the Druid class is an excellent option for gold farming, the Rogue class can also be a strong contender.

What to do after max level Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight Endgame: What to Do at Level 70?
  1. Gearing Up. Finish Patch 10.2 Campaign. Join Amirdrassil LFR. Buy Gear at The Auction House. World Events: Time Rift and Dreamsurges. M+ and Raids.
  2. Professions.
  3. Dragonflight Glyphs.
  4. Renown & Reputation.
  5. PvP.
  6. Dragon Races and the Old World.
  7. Conclusion.
Jan 27, 2024

What profession makes the most gold in Dragonflight? ›

Certain professions are more lucrative. S-Tier professions for gold making include Enchanting, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. A-Tier includes Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, and Fishing. B-Tier professions are Cooking, Engineering, and Inscription​​​​.

How to make money fast Dragonflight? ›

Crafting is an essential part of World of Warcraft gameplay and the most efficient way of raw gold farm in Dragonflight. Since there are specializations and stats for every Profession as well as the recipes quality, crafting also became much more variative and profitable, but also much more complicated.

Can I level past 60 without Dragonflight? ›

Level 60 characters

If your character is level 60 and can't earn experience, make sure that your World of Warcraft account is upgraded to Dragonflight. You cannot level past 60 without owning Dragonflight.

What is the fastest way to level up in Dragonflight? ›

When it comes to leveling up in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight, there are several options available. However, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to level up your character is through dungeon leveling in a group of five players.

What is the best class for Mining in Dragonflight? ›

Best Class for Mining in Dragonflight

Devastation Evokers with their unique Dracthyr mobility abilities, Soar and 2% baseline Perception gain racial, are easily top contenders for great miners.

What is the best way to get coins in Dragonflight? ›

The best way to get coins in Dragonflight is through fishing. You can go to any fishing hole in the Dragon Isles, and you don't even have to have the best gear for it. Specific locations that are the best for fishing are the big fishing pools near the north of the Waking Shores.

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