Cash falls to defeat for first time in his career after sustaining horror cut (2024)

Felix Cash is no longer an undefeated fighter and he has a nasty scar to remember his first loss by.

The highly-rated British middleweight, who was returning to the ring for the first time in 18 months, was beaten by Tyler Denny via technical decision in a fight he never looked to be in control of.


From the off, Denny and Cash engaged in a firefight.

Despite having the speed, reach and – at least on paper – skill advantage Cash got pulled into shootout early doors which resulted in him sustaining a cut above his right eye in the second round.

Denny, who has only ever won one of his 24 fights (19-2-3) via knockout in his pro career looked to have plenty of power in his hands as he planted his feet and winged thudding overhands over the top.

Rather than establishing his jab and boxing with Denny, Cash threw away the first three rounds by getting involved in a slugfest.


Cash falls to defeat for first time in his career after sustaining horror cut (2)
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Cash falls to defeat for first time in his career after sustaining horror cut (3)
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In the fourth frame, he seemed to start to get into his groove but a massive left hook from Denny stopped him in his tracks at the end of the round just as Cash looked to be getting a foothold in the contest.

Both men came out for the fifth, but the doctor quickly intervened and halted the fight after taking a closer look at Cash’s right eye which was covered in claret and badly damaged.

Denny reeled off in celebration as the fight was waved off, but the referee determined the cut had been caused by an accidental clash of heads meaning the contest went to the judges for a technical decision.

All three of them saw the fight in Denny’s favour with scorecards of 49-46, 49-47,49-47 as the Brummie successfully retained his European middleweight title.

📝 49-46, 49-47, 49-47

Tyler Denny retains his European Middleweight Title by technical decision over Felix Cash #DennyCash

— Matchroom Boxing (@MatchroomBoxing) June 22, 2024

Eddie Hearn and Ben Shalom meeting for the first time at Tyler Denny's win over Felix Cash tonight…

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) June 22, 2024

In the immediate aftermath of his victory, Denny said: "I'm buzzing man. I was battering him so I thought 'No they aren't going to stitch me up.'

"But it was never lasting, he was tired after two rounds...

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"I'm the man, he got his head punched in. Yeah, it was a cut but the way it was going in there, he was desperate, he was gone.

"Put some respect on my name, he was looking down on me."

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The fight was not just significant for the title that was on the line.

It also marked the first time British promoters Ben Shalom and Eddie Hearn had met, with the former being Denny's promoter and the latter representing Cash.

Back in April when Shalom joined talkSPORT in the studio, he challenged Hearn to a sit down with him to talk business after revealing they had never spoken before.

However, they finally crossed paths on Saturday night.

Giving his verdict on the fight, Hearn said: "It was disappointing with the cut but Tyler was well prepared.

"Obviously, it didn't work out for Felix Cash, 18 months out of the ring and not living the lifestyle he paid the price, but having met this man [Denny] he has lived the life and Wolverhampton and the Black Country should be very proud of him."

Shalom then timed in: "Incredible, thank you to Eddie and Frank, a great experience. But this man, every single time.

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"He was fighting in the Midlands as an away fighter and kept winning and winning and we had to take notice, wins the European, defends it.

"To be honest, a lot of people thought Felix Cash was the favourite here. He does it every time, you can never back against him, he will back out at the end of September right back here but again thank you to Eddie and thank you to Frank Smith."

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Cash falls to defeat for first time in his career after sustaining horror cut (10)

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Cash falls to defeat for first time in his career after sustaining horror cut (2024)
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